Do you have 5 minutes?  Professional advice giver Emelia Symington Fedy will tell you what you need to hear by the end of a 5-minute egg timer. Fuck those hour-long therapy sessions, no need to despair about love, your career trajectory or if God has forsaken you; meet with a specialist who helps with finding light in the bleakest of times. 

Come on in. Get cozy. It’s a cold world out there.

5 Minute Therapy is a theatre installation that has performed multiple times at FUSE (Vancouver Art Gallery) and in Toronto’s East Culture Crawl. Now we are getting intimate and moving to the around the dinner table, a special event, your best friends birthday, or a festival that you want to take to the next level of entertainment.

Emelia brings the egg timer; you bring the questions.

 The set up is fun but the advice is real.

 Invite Emelia to your party. Let her tell you what you need to know.

 Contact Emelia for price and length of service.