A letter to the little you.

Simmer down.
Shut up.
Don’t take up so much space.
You are a bit too big for your britches.
She thinks a little too highly of herself.
You should learn a thing or too about humility.
Be quiet.
Settle down.
Stop talking so much.
Why must you be the centre of attention?
Do less. Be less.
Go smaller…
You have to be careful of those voices friend.

The happiest day of my honeymoon

The happiest day of my honeymoon was when I ate chips in bed after a nap while he played angry birds on his Iphone beside me.

We saw some amazing things, don’t get me wrong.

A humpbacked whale breeched at sunset just for us.

We hiked 5 hours to the peak of a mountain and held each other while the sun and rain battled it out around us.

We snorkeled.

We went to a fair.

We drank shade grown Kauaiian coffee in the bay where the song “Puff the Magic Dragon” was composed…

An ode to dogs.

I was recently heartbroken.

I lived alone.

I was getting stoned too much because I didn’t like spending time with myself.

Finally my mother told me “It’s just so helpful having another heartbeat in the house” so I started the adoption search…

Is there such a thing as Unconditional Love?

My father and I are estranged at the moment which is a bit of an oxymoron I know, the “at the moment” part. It’s a long story but the basis of it is I’m right and he is wrong and I will not forgive him till he apologizes…