My Creative Process


I feel like shit about this.

There is nothing.

I do other things, less important things, things I could give or take.

I feel like every task is time-wasting. I notice there are a lot of assholes around. I feel fat. I stop wanting to have sex…

I suck therefore I am human

Everything important I have learned in my life stems from how much I suck. Being the worst. Fucking up. Wanting to crawl out to the desert and disappear forever. I have tales of shame that would shake your head and make you ask “How does someone sane do that kind of thing?” My point exactly. I do not tout the …

Trashy white girl

My boyfriend knocked on the large front door. Before his knuckles lifted from the rap the door opened and we were ushered quickly inside. A cat quickly started weaving in and out between my legs. “Her name is Halle,” the woman said softly about the beautiful black siamese cat. I giggle. I always like a bit of unintentional racism. There …