An open letter to all parents from a non-parent.

I just finished babysitting your baby today. I have salmon stuck on my neck and in the crease under my left breast.
My eardrum is damaged due to high frequency screaming.
I had to hold her while I was peeing…

Hope is dead to me (she says with a dramatic flair)

“Hope is dead to me” I said.

And I didn’t mean the quiet pretty girl with perfect braids and the aubergene Club Monaco sweater who sat in front of me in grade 5.

I meant the belief that my dreams will come true. That kind of hope. Is dead.

SHARKS and other terrors

It was a full moon and I was in Thailand. All by myself. I was hoping that Roger would come for a visit but he declined. Roger is my ex. Roger had stopped returning my texts a few weeks before so I was feeling even more alone. Then out of the blue one morning I get a text message…

The end of an era

My best friend moved today.
I feel like I am 6 years old and I want to run home, crawl into my bed and bawl my eyes out…

It is so funny how everything is constantly changing

It’s funny how things are constantly changing in my mind about what I want and need. Funny in a knife in my intestines kind of way. I have longed for things with all my heart and soul, in such an intense and deep way that I would physically prostrate myself, all hands on deck, belly on the earth, praying for …


What I have read about the awakening state (a state that is nearing enlightenment) is positive. Words I have heard used to describe this state are bliss, oneness, interconnectedness, deep inner knowing. I’m not sure what horseshoe got up any of these lightheads ass because I did not feel any of these feelings- not once. How do I know I …


It is sometimes hard to carry the weight of this light.