Fuck you “spiritual teacher”, you don’t know shit. A rant.

First off, if you call yourself a “spiritual teacher” you might not be one.

I was on the internet today and I came across a site I don’t care to endorse but let’s just say there was a article from a new-age “spiritual teacher” and from now on we are going to call her really pretty skinny lady. Really pretty skinny lady gave us a few “juicy tips” on how to get more publicity for our work and how to better brand ourselves and then offered up a “once in a lifetime” tele-seminar to give up the “full meal deal sesh” on how to really “amp up sales.”

Do you notice how many “quotations” I am using.

This is because everything she is saying is fucking bullshit.

Recap: This woman is telling me that because she is a “spiritual teacher” I should buy something from her and it will help me make more money and get more famous.

The emperor has no clothes.