Stealing is so easy

My husband runs a yoga/meditation/creation space in Vancouver BC. It’s beautiful.  The floors are sprung, there’s lots of light, the walls are freshly painted and there is a sitting area that’s hard to leave. He recently opened up an “honour system” shop in the kitchen for people who come to take a class and are feeling snacky. There is kombucha …

Advice: Should I Start Over?

Question: People always say that moving doesn’t solve anything – that your problems will follow you. But how can that be fully true? Ex-friends, big city traffic and noise, ridiculous living expenses – some things can be left behind, right? I’ve lived in this city 15 years, and as much as I’ve wanted it to, it’s rarely if ever felt …

I am a bit of a sneaker and a stealer

When I take an airplane I always bring something fizzy to drink in my carry-on luggage. As I go through security I ready myself in anticipation. Of course, they find the liquid and they say “sorry lady, you are going to have to drink this before you go through security or leave it behind.” I then tell them “I have diabetes, I need to carry sugar with me at all times and unless you want to see a woman in a diabetic coma, this better not be a problem.”

And they let me through.