This is a Secret Message

You’ll know if this message meant for you if you feel a catch in your throat when you read it.

Leave the fuck head. —

It’s an important one to and I’d recommend doing it within 3 months.

If this message is not for you, I have another one instead.

Be kind to the Fuck Head.

They’re precious and their love is not unconditional. It’s not.

They’re golden and good.

And it’s actually a miracle you found them.
They are making your dreams happen.

They’re standing right beside all your bullshit.

They’re your saviour.

*If this isn’t happening in your relationship please see secret message #1. And if you aren’t in a relationship- believe secret message #2 and you will be soon. Things come true. —

So, today, even if you’re tired, even if you’re on the last episode, even if you haven’t had a shower in 3 days…do it. Like, really…do it…all over…and under…take off your sweats and undo your ponytail and get into the corners with them.


Show them that you know how much they’re worth.

Today. Tonight. Sometime before midnight.

(For funsies, comment below if you do it.)