Tina Fey is my famous hero

This Tina Fey book is all at once inspiring me and killing me. She is so much funnier than me when she writes about her insecurities that all the comedic iconic women in her life are funnier than her. This is not me trying to write a joke. This is just the truth. She also seems to be able to work harder and sleep less than me. Like 2 hours a night cause she’s writing jokes for SNL, come on- there is no way I could get up after 2 hours to go to work. NOTHING in the world is that important to me and a stone over is just too hard to fight. Her husband and child also don’t seem to need her, when does she have time to give blow-jobs and breastfeed?

When reading her book I want to rush out and do whatever it takes “to make my dreams come true” and on the exact other hand I want to keep sitting on the couch reading her book. All these amazing stories of working alongside blah blah and hoo ha, and ding dong and how cool they are and how lame she is and how lucky she was to be in the right place at the right time and I just don’t understand how it happens, This perfect “dream come true” that she has. Did she want it as bad as me? Did she, like me, imagine being on her deathbed, disappointed that her life was wasted because her talents we not properly distributed. And I know that this must sound so central and embarrassing, that I think I am smart enough, talented, have something interesting enough to say that it could be noticed by the world.

Tina Fey’s book is making me feel like shit almost to the point of getting myself off the couch to do something about it. I want someone to write a book about how hard it is, the details, the worry, the years of being pretty sure it’s all not going to work out, the poverty, the pot addiction, the hateful body image,  the credit card debt, the shitty jobs that had nothing to do with her dreams, and the step by step analysis of how she came to inner peace with exactly who she is- right now, perfectly, in this moment. I want someone to write that book.

Tina Fey seems not only kind and harsh and feminist but also plagued with the same foot-in-mouth disease I have. Like the time I shortened the word package to paki when I was dropping off a package for a theatre festival I really wanted to be a part of and the person I was trying to convince to take my play was Indian so I handed him the package and I said “Here’s a paki for you.” Tina does stuff like that too and even if she cares what people think and even if people hurt her and even if she fails she keeps doing what she loves at all costs and I think that is the coolest.

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  1. says

    Tina Fey’s book was filled with self-deprecation and humor which made me feel like we were friends. Like I could call her up, “Word up T!” And then I realized she’s famous, and I’m talking to the cover.

    • Emelia Symington Fedy says

      I know hey. I feel the same way. Except dont you find her later 30 rock episodes are kinda phoned in?

      • says

        I admit. The shenanigans of the rest of the crew take front stage in those later episodes, but I still laughed my ass off.

        And then I ate a brownie and it grew right back.

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