How to be rich when you feel poor.

1.When you wake up, after you do your “have to’s “kids to school, face washed, peed etc) before email, putting on pants or one quick facebook browse, get on the floor and move your body for 20 minutes. Set a timer. Yoga, stretching, rolling around, masturbate for all I care, just move your damn body before you do anything else …

If all men could hear this….

For us to rise, you must fall. It’s the natural order of our system, to keep in balance, on the teeter-totter of the world.  And you won’t want to. Because things will be different. And that’s really scary.  But we promise you we will not hurt you. We will not rape you. We will not punish you. We want to …

No Means Yes (except during sex)

I just made this video about…well watch it below. And I believed what I said theoretically (that sometimes No means Yes) but then I got handed a shit pile of my own medicine. I was fired. From my dream job. From what I think I’m the best in the world at. Oh man you should have heard me wail, like …

The Ugly Truth for Creatives

I thought it was going to get easier. I thought that if I put in years of hard work, I’d rise in status and stability. I thought if I was doing what I knew was my gift to the world, I’d be rewarded with more, more, more.   That’s what’s supposed to happen right? Who told you that? I can’t …

A letter to the little you.

Simmer down.
Shut up.
Don’t take up so much space.
You are a bit too big for your britches.
She thinks a little too highly of herself.
You should learn a thing or too about humility.
Be quiet.
Settle down.
Stop talking so much.
Why must you be the centre of attention?
Do less. Be less.
Go smaller…
You have to be careful of those voices friend.

Input VS Output (the fine, fine, finest balance)

I have nothing to say about this except 1 thought. 1 take. No filters. In my bed desk. My output is way out of wack with my input. Once you’ve heard me speak truth to power from my bed. Watch the video below of trying to follow my own advice. Love all to you no-stop outputters out there. xo Em

The Year of my Dream Job (and how terrifying it was) 3 interviews

 It didn’t start off as my dream job. It started off as a low paying trial run to see if people liked what I did.  So first off, thank you. I’d freelanced in radio on CBC for a decade but I’d never hosted and produced my very own show so it was a big leap and I was so terrified …

How to Be Yourself Online (Pods, Vids and Blogs)

*I assume I don’t know much, but so far this is what I’ve learned about the world of writing and speaking authentically online. Shameless Self-Promotion. You have to believe (or fake it till you make it) that what you are doing is important and useful. The Point. You are lying dying on the road and you have one last sentence …

People are Complicated

This morning, I was sitting in my car in a rainstorm checking the ole fb and this woman popped up. A hard working, not yet uber famous, but probably making a decent living musician. An inspiration to many of us out there busting it. Play it loud with headphones on. And then I found out she was a Trump supporter; active …