The Weirdest Easter Miracle.

I remember waking up on Easter morning when I was around eight years old and feeling a heavy weight on my chest, torso and thighs. It was so heavy in fact, I couldn’t move. I could only look down towards my toes, over my comforter and to what was pinning me to the bed. I gasped. In awe, amazement, and most …

Advice: Should I Start Over?

Question: People always say that moving doesn’t solve anything – that your problems will follow you. But how can that be fully true? Ex-friends, big city traffic and noise, ridiculous living expenses – some things can be left behind, right? I’ve lived in this city 15 years, and as much as I’ve wanted it to, it’s rarely if ever felt …

Advice: My hubby is giving me the shits.

                I never even thought about posting live video. Can you fucking believe that.  So, here’s my first. One take. I’m a genius. The question was: I’ve been having dreams about leaving my husband. Should I? Here is my answer:

Advice-How do I love my mother better?

This weeks column is about one of my favourite topics- Mothers-what the fuck to do about our relationship with our mothers. CLICK BELOW FOR MY MOTHER ADVICE. Be warned. There are no easy answers and feeling this shit hurts. I love you. Thank’s for listening. motheradvice