Why is it so hard to get on the mat?

Emelia Symington Fedy —  January 20, 2014 — 2 Comments

Why is it so hard to get up off my rump and practice?

Why is it the last thing I want to do?

Why is it when I feel so edgy and crumbly and nutty and twinchy I would rather sit on this and eat on that and shit on him and snip at her.

Why on earth do I prefer to stay this way?

Please someone give me the courage to get my-dang-ass downtown on the ground to pray for some holy redemption- or at least for a clean, deep breath.

Dear bloody-brilliant-gnarly-barley all-powerful-one help me to not be so goddamned arrogant that I cannot prostrate myself to your sweet self and surrender to the truth that I am nothing and have nothing without you.

Hear my prayer. And in your love answer.

Okay, fine.
I’ll get on the ground for 10 min today. I’ll set a timer. I can do that.
Let’s feel better together shall we, let’s lighten up, just for a bit, and then we can get back to the grind.


Emelia Symington Fedy


Emelia is a Social Acupuncturist. She needles in to the heart of the matter. Emelia works in theatre. She is a freelance radio producer, writer and storyteller. Her favorite quote at the moment is: "Live the light, spread the light, be the light." This is probably because she has a penchant for darkness.

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2 responses to Why is it so hard to get on the mat?

  1. Chelsea Cartwright January 23, 2014 at

    Thank you thank you thank you ~ I have just discovered your site, after googling jade eggs online (post-partum rejuv) and coming across your HuffPost article. Who IS this fantastic, honest, insightful woman? Further googling led me to your delightful word trove, which I am so excited to explore … but now, what about some yoga asana ? … :)

    • Emelia Symington Fedy January 23, 2014 at

      Awesome! And btw I’m recently post partum and the jade egg is great. I’d recommend it highly. It was that particular class that was not…

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